~ Welcome to my nursery ~

Hello and welcome to my nursery step inside and take a peep , 

My name is jackie i am the artist behind foreverdreams nursery , i have been reborning for 6+ years now and just love everything about this wonderful art,

All my babies i create are one of a kind they can never be duplicated so you can rest assured no one will ever 

have the same .

Many hours of work go into creating these little cherubs  and only when i am completely happy with them are they put up for adoption.

The baby starts off life just as a blank canvass then they have a nice bath to make sure they are perfectly clean,

then the hours and hours of painting layer after layer begin. once i am satisfied with the colouring and blushing of their tiny creases they are given painted eyebrows and their lips are delicately shaded, i then move on to the hair.

I root their hair for many many hours , rooting one to two hairs at a time  using only the best mohair i can find. once finished they have a full head of hair which  i glue from the inside of the head so as the hair can be gently wetted and styled.

Then begins the painting of their little nail tips and shading of the nail beds i then inspect every part before attaching a cloth body to the baby. 

The last and final stage is the babys layette which is always  brand new  and purchased by myself to suit each baby individually.

They are then put up for adoption and bring with them a soft toy  to keep them happy  their brand new layette and a birth certificate, along with care instructions so as you can cherish your little one for decades to come.

Below are a few of my adopted babies , my little ones are adopted worldwide.




Beautiful babies created with love and care



Beautiful babies created with love and care


 Beautiful babies created with love and care


 Beautiful babie created with love and care


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